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Vermicomposting Worms

Did you know that earthworms benefit gardens in many ways?


As earthworms move through the soil they creating spaces for air and water. But they also leave behind less familiar contributions — their castings, or also known as worm poo!

We don't just offer a superior bait worm, we also offer worms for vermicomposting.


The Red Wiggler is considered the preferred vermicomposting worm by many, yet the European Nightcrawler has been dubbed "Super Reds" by many, even though they are a separate species.


European Nightcrawlers are bigger, stronger, and have a voracious appetite.

Worm Castings: Welcome


We Welcome Cannabis Growers

Go organic!!

Earthworm castings are full of organic matter and the desired microorganisms that yield benefits far beyond what fertilizer ratios perform. In earthworm castings, one will find essential plant nutrients.  One of the most desired nutrients is iron.  

If you add castings to the soil or potting mix, improves soil structure. You can use earthworm castings for both indoor and outdoor gardens.

If you are seeking healthy plant growth, earthworm castings provide just that. 

In fact,  worm castings enhance

  • seed germination

  • plant growth

  • flower and fruit production

Casting can also help prevent some plant diseases and repel pests. 

Let's talk about how earthworms can help you grow. 

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