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How To Catch BIG Fish

Fishing is one of the most enjoyable sports.  At Pole Dancer Baits we find fishing to be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable pastimes.  

If you’re going to go out fishing, we suggest that you might as well go ou to catch big fish. Bigger is better and we know you want to have the BEST fish stories and lots of meat on the table. 

Catching big fish is not always easy.  it requires preparation and some skills.  We have some suggestions for how to reel in the largest fish. 

1. Acquire Proper Fishing Worms & Equipment

May we suggest our fishing worms.  Our worms are capable of letting you cast to where the big fish swim. Our worms are so attractive to big fish and are ready to help you reel that fish to the shore or back to the boat.

If you are in the market for – the rod, the reel, and the fishing line please note that all fishing equipment is rated by the number of pounds of force they’re equipped to withstand. With that said, If you’re seeking large fish, you’ll need to make sure to acquire tackle that can handle the size of the fish you’re going for. There is nothing like catching a beautiful big fish that breaks your line. After you reel in that BIG fish on your tripping fish, you're sure to be 'hooked' yourself on the efficiency of our worms.  

2. Find a Suitable Body of Water

To fish, you need a pond, lake, river, or even the ocean.  Maybe this is the most obvious tip of all!! But not all bodies of water are created equal. If you plan to catch large fish you need to fish on a body of water containing lots of accessible large fish. There are many bodies of water that either don’t contain large fish.  We love Google to help us find the best research for lakes, rivers or ocean access points where large fish can be caught near you. 

3. Choose the Proper Time of Day and Season

Depending on the types of species of fish you’re fishing and the area in which you’re fishing, there are some times and seasons that are just better for fishing.  For example, if you’re in the southern USA in the middle of the summer, fishing at high noon is practically a waste of time, since fish are usually inactive during this period. If you are in the northern USA where the temperature plunges into frosty chills, early in the year fishing would directly decrease your chances of catching fish.

5. Find A Good Fishing Spot

To a beginner, the closest lake or river may appear to be the best body of water. But you have to think like a fish! Fish congregate in specific spots.  But big fish have patterns that are predictable. Larger fish often have structure, habits, and patterns.  They tend to love sunken treens, patches of lily pads, rock formations, and river bends. Big fish often seek out shelter and concealment.  Looking for said spots will increase your chance of BIG fish success. 

6. Know How to Work Your Bait 

So you ordered your Pole Dancer Baits worms, have your equipment ready to go, you have found the perfect fishing hole- so now it's time to catch big fish.  Practice makes perfect.  To do so, you’ll need to be able to cast your bait to the spot where the large fish is and work the bait appropriately to attract the fish. This can be as simple as letting the bait suspend or just sit on the bottom until your big fish strike.  After a fish bites, reel it in – You’ve caught yourself a large fish.

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