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Looking for Nightcrawlers For Sale Online? 

Our Worms Work Harder

We proudly ship for FREE in the United States. 

Our fishing worms are sold in one-time purchases & in a weekly or monthly subscription, packages to help you save money & time, so you can spend it on the water.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your fisherman or fisherwoman, consider our worm subscription boxes. 

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When you really need your rod tugged, hook up with a Pole Dancer!

At Pole Dancer Baits, we don’t offer just any worm. Through extensive research, we have identified the best possible worm for both a bait worm as well as a composting worm. 


We offer the European Nightcrawler for its tolerance for a broader range of temperatures than other nightcrawlers, making them more suitable for a long day on the bank, or boat. 

In addition to being a superior bait worm, they are second to none in vermicomposting, for those that are interested in using them in a dual role, or just want to start vermicomposting.


The Red Wiggler is considered the preferred vermicomposting worm by many, yet the European Nightcrawler has been dubbed Super Reds by many, even though they are a separate species.


Our European Nightcrawlers are just bigger, stronger, and have a voracious appetite for a worm. 

Don’t just accept any worm. Be sure to find the Pole Dancer Baits worm at your local bait shop. 

Return Policy: 

Live worms will be replaced should they be delivered DOA.

You must submit a video of worms and the box they were shipped in within 2 hrs of delivery. You must be home when worms arrive. They must not be left on the porch or in the elements. If you are not going to be home please arrange to pick them up at the post office on the day they arrive. We are not responsible once the worms arrive at the post office if you are not home to receive them.



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